2014 Nematropica Guidelines & Frequently Asked Questions

Since 2011, Nematropica has been published exclusively online as an open access Journal. Institutional subscribers will receive a CD ROM in order to permanently archive the journal. A CD ROM (two issues) will be mailed after the last issue (December) of each volume is published. Research articles published in Nematropica can be accessed free of charge at http://palmm.fcla.edu/nematode/.

The transition from printed to online publication is designed to make the Journal more accessible to authors by permitting the elimination of page charges for scientists who are members of ONTA. Style and format requirements are give in NEMATROPICA 40(1), 2010.

Below are some of the “frequently asked questions” regarding the changes to be implemented in 2014: 

1. Rates for individuals (included in membership dues)? US $30.00/year – (electronic [online]).

2. Rates for agencies and institutional subscribers? US $60.00/year – (electronic [online] and a CD /year).

3. Rates for sustaining members? US $500.00/year – (electronic [online]).

4. Postage and handling for agencies and institutional subscribers? Included in subscription rate.

5. Special rates, combined subscriptions etc.? None.

6. Agency discount? None.

7. Frequency? Two issues (June, December).

8. Who can submit and what is the page charge? As long as one author is a current member in good standing of ONTA , there will be no page charge.

9. Want to publish in Nematropica but not a current ONTA member?  Join today for only $30!  

10. Technical information? Consult NEMATROPICA’s Editor-in-Chief:

Dr. Terry Kirkpatrick
University of Arkansas
Southwest Research and Extension Center
362 Highway 174 North
Hope, AR 71801
Phone: (870) 777-9702, Ext. 111
Fax: (870) 777-8441
Email:  nematropica@gmail.com

11. What is the ISSN for Nematropica’s electronic [online] version? ISSN 2220-5608.

12. What is the ISSN for Nematropica’s CD-ROM version? ISSN 2220-5616.

13. What is the ISSN for Nematropica’s CD-ROM version? ISSN 2220-5616.

14. Address for orders, payments, and correspondence?

Dr. Janete Brito
Nematology Section
1911 S.W 34th Street
P.O.BOX 147100
Gainesville, FL 31614-7100 USA
Phone: (352) 372-3505 Ext: 121
Fax: (352) 334-0737
Email:  Janete.brito@freshfromflorida.com