ONTA Foundation, Inc




ONTA Foundation, Inc. is a separate not-for-profit corporation with objectives that complement and enhance those of the Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America FL, Inc.  The ONTA Foundation, Inc. was established in 1991 at the initiative of Professor Jimmy Rich, University of Florida, to provide support for nematologists, students and apprentices to participate in nematological events.

Ongoing objectives/activities of the ONTA Foundation, Inc. include:

  • Providing grants to students and scientists to help defray the costs of publishing Journal Series Articles and other special publications of nematological interest
  • Providing travel grants to students and scientists to participate in ONTA Annual meetings and congresses of the International Federation of Nematology Societies

Subject to fundraising, future objectives might encompass:

  • Sponsoring workshops and relevant special sessions on nematological issues at international meetings
  • Sponsoring regional short courses for training in local nematological issues
  • Sponsoring short stays in laboratories and field work sites.
  • Providing assistance to scientists to encourage creative thought and assist in the development and application of innovations in nematology
  • Providing support for the creation of nematological training materials for use in schools and exhibits at local science and agricultural fairs



Recent Foundation Sponsored Activities and Award Winners


YearStudent Poster Competition WinnersStudent Travel Award Winners
2014Ionit Iberkleid
Silvia Vau
Claudia Holguin
Claudia Holguin
Kanan Kutsuwa
Brad Shaver
2013Maria G. Medina-Canales
Chante Venter
M.S.A. Pretorius
Laura E. Garcia
Anselmo Cabrera Hidalgo
Maria G. Medina-Canales
2012Paulo Vieira
Deborah M. Xavier
Nicholas S. Sekora
Ulises Gonzalez Guirron
Ninfa Ruiz-Santiago
Paulo Vieira
2011Aida Duarte
Diego Proencia
Gabriel Paiva
Stephen Kakaire
Nicholas Sekora
Richard R. Singh
2010Damaris Godinez-Vidal
Patricia D. Navarro
Israel Lima-Medina
Damaris Godinez-Vidal
Ivan Castro-Lizaro
For more information about ONTA Foundation, Inc., contact Dr. Janete Brito at: janete.brito@freshfromflorida.com